If you have some visitors coming to see you while you’re at Sandy Bottom, below are some options for additional accommodations.

B&Bs and INNS:

The Celo Inn, less than a mile from the cabins,
       1 Seven Mile Ridge Road, Burnsville, NC 28714
       Telephone - 828-675-5132 , $30-50/night

Hamrick Inn B & B, Highway 80S, Busick, N. C.
       Telephone - 828-675-5251 , $80-100/night

Nu Wray Inn, P.O. Box 156, Town  Square, Burnsville, NC 28714
       Telephone - 828-682-2329 / 800-368-9729

A Little Bit of Heaven, 937 Bear Wallow Rd., Burnsville, N.C.
       Telephone - 828-675-5379

Colonial Guest House, East Main Street, Burnsville, N. C.
       Telephone - 828-682-2304

Estes Mountain Retreat,  Bakers Creek, Burnsville, N. C.
       Telephone - 828-682-7264 Toll Free - 888-272-9885 Pin 1972

Little Toe-Hold Bed &  Breakfast and Rentals,
       873 S. Toe River Road, Burnsville, NC 28714
       Telephone - 828-675-5036

Terrell House B & B, 109 Robertson Street, Burnsville, N. C.
       Telephone - 828-682-4505

Trillium Guesthouse, Rt. 9 Box 500, Burnsville, NC 28714
       Telephone - 828-682-7524

Wray House, 2 South Main Street,  P.O. Box 546, Burnsville, NC 28714
       Tollfree Telephone - 877-258-8222, wrayhouse@mindspring.com


Blue Ridge Motel, 204 West Boulevard, Burnsville, N. C.
       Telephone 828-682-9100

Carolina Country Inn, 600 West Main Street, Burnsville, N. C.
       Telephone 828-682-6033

Mountain View Motel, Highway 19E, Burnsville, N. C.
       Telephone  828-682-2115


Cattail Cabins: List of rental houses in the Burnsville area, several of which are on the South Toe River.

Black Mountain Vacation Cabin Rentals

Yancey County Chamber of Commerce’s list of Cabin Rental Members

Cabin at the Swinging Bridge -- this one looks quite close by, near the golf course, also built in the ‘30’s.

Mt. Mitchell Vacation Rentals has quite a few houses on or near the golf course.



Carolina Hemlocks Recreation Area (about a mile from the cabins).
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